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Customer suffers injuries when SUV crashes into restaurant

Car accidents can happen in many different circumstances, some of which are unexpected and unusual. It is in the more unusual types of crashes that people can suffer injuries and fatalities largely because they were not expecting a crash. A unique type of collision that can lead to people being injured in a car accident is when a vehicle runs into a building or an establishment. Those inside are particularly vulnerable because they are not expecting to encounter an out-of-control motor vehicle. After injuries or death in this kind of crash, it is vital to have legal advice to consider a lawsuit.

A car crashed into a Subway restaurant and injured a customer. The accident happened at around noon. According to a worker in the restaurant, the woman who was operating the vehicle - an SUV - mistakenly put her foot on the gas instead of the brake, causing the accident. The woman was in the vehicle with her husband. She was taken to the hospital for an examination. A customer was pinned to the wall in the restaurant and taken to the hospital as well. The incident is still being investigated.

Young parents can benefit from creating an estate plan

Estate planning is often associated with older people, but the truth is that people who are just starting a family should take the time to create an estate plan. Even if you don't have high value assets, your estate plan is necessary because it creates a plan for your children.

The estate plan that you create must be considered carefully. You need to think about how you can protect your children and provide for them as they grow up. Of course, the instructions you set forth in the estate plan won't come into the picture unless you pass away.

Is my Chapter 11 bankruptcy a small business case?

There are certain terms and parts of a Chapter 11 filing that might be difficult to understand. An important part of a Chapter 11 case is the determination of how the business should be classified and if it is a small business and a small business debtor.

When the U.S. trustee cannot locate creditors who will serve on the creditors' committee or the committee will not be part of the case, there is a possibility that the bankruptcy will be a small business case and have different ways in which it will be handled. If the case is a small business and it is a small business debtor, it must meet two separate criteria. It must be in a commercial or business activity in which the unsecured debts and non-contingent liquidated secured debt is $2,566,050 or less. Next, the U.S. trustee must not have appointed a creditors' committee or the court has decided that there is not sufficient activity on the part of the committee to have oversight on the debtor.

Legal help is crucial when considering filing for bankruptcy

Financial problems in for Pennsylvanian can occur for a variety of reasons in their personal and professional life. While it might seem like an act of avoiding one's responsibilities and not paying what is owed, bankruptcy is a useful strategy to get back on stronger financial ground, clear many debts, keep a home and a motor vehicle, or get a business into a better situation to move forward. Understanding which bankruptcy chapter is preferable for the individual situation, which debts can be eliminated, and how bankruptcy can be beneficial is imperative before taking the next step.

There are different types of bankruptcy. Chapter 7 is useful for those who have a great deal of unsecured debt like credit card debt and do not have possessions worth significant value. It can be used to get rid of that debt without the requirement to pay it back. This will negatively impact a credit score, but those who successfully file for Chapter 7 can rebuild their credit as time passes and they are in a better financial situation.

Publisher's estate plan shows how trusts can have stipulations

Pennsylvanians who are taking the necessary steps for comprehensive estate planning will have their own goals in mind when they do so. Situations vary and knowing how best to formulate the document is essential. This is true whether there are significant assets, a business, young children who must be cared for, loved ones who have special needs, and even pets who are of concern to the person creating the plan. Wills, trusts and other documents can be used to achieve the desired ends. Even those who have nothing in common with a famous person can use that person's strategies as a guideline to create their own plan and what is possible.

The recently deceased founder of Playboy, Hugh Hefner, had a unique set of criteria in the trust for his wife and children. Mr. Hefner was adamantly against drug and alcohol use. In his trust, he made certain that his widow and children will make certain to remain free of addiction. If they are found to be addicted, they will not receive the proceeds from the trust. Mr. Hefner had four children who are subject to this stipulation along with his widow.

What must I do to make the Chapter 13 plan work?

When Pennsylvanians are struggling financially and decide that they would like to file for bankruptcy, the chapter under which they file will hinge on their individual circumstances. To keep your home or keep your motor vehicle it is wise to think about a Chapter 13 repayment plan. Since Chapter 13 is considered a "wage earner's" plan, those who file for Chapter 13 will usually have income and the ability to make payments. It is essential to understand exactly what must be done to succeed with the plan.

When the repayment plan is crafted, it will either be for three to five years. It will bind the debtor and the creditors. When the plan has been confirmed by the court, it is up to the debtor to make the plan work. For this to happen, regular payments will be made to the trustee or via payroll deduction. The debtor must live on a fixed budget for the duration of the plan. Although the debtor can retain certain properties provided the payments are made, the debtor will not be allowed to take on new debt before having approval from the trustee. This is due to the additional debt possibly hindering the completion of the plan.

Four injured in a car accident as pickup crashes into restaurant

When drivers in Pittsburgh and throughout Pennsylvania are on the road, it will be in the back of their minds that there is a chance there will be a car accident. These crashes can happen at any time and in unusual circumstances. One circumstance in which people are not expecting to be involved in a car accident is when they are in a restaurant. Unfortunately, there are times when an accident finds them and the vehicle crashes into a building. Those who have been injured in a car accident in this type of situation have the same right to seek compensation in a legal filing as anyone else.

An accident sent a pickup truck through the window of a Wendy's restaurant and injured four people. The vehicle apparently went across the lanes of the road and crashed into the restaurant. It is believed that the driver could have been in the opposite lane of the road from where the restaurant is when it was rear-ended and sent over the median, eventually going through the window of the establishment. When the crash happened, there were only four people inside. People were pinned by the counter. They were taken to the hospital. Their injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. Thus far, no information has been released about the driver, but the investigation is ongoing.

Slipping fears: 4 steps to prevent falls this winter

Slipping is a major problem in places where ice and snow are common. Despite the fact that businesses and individuals know snow and ice is likely, they don't always take the steps necessary to prevent injuries.

When it's cold and rough outside, there are steps you can take to prevent falls, even if others don't do their due diligence. Here are a few tips that could help you stay safe this winter.

  • Walk slowly

Recklessness and distracted driving common for teens

Any driver in Pennsylvania can pose a risk to others on the road, but there is a general perception that teens who have just gotten their license are particularly dangerous. Statistics back this up. There are numerous factors that make teens more susceptible to being in a crash. A lack of experience in knowing how to handle various situations is a natural part of that. People who have been in a car accident should know that it is possible that a teen was involved. This can be an important part of a legal filing to be compensated.

The numbers from the Centers for Disease Control show that, per mile, those between the ages of 16 and 19 are in fatal accidents three times as frequently than drivers who are older than 20. When the statistics are broken down further, those 16 and 17 are in fatal accidents twice as often as those 18 to 19. Six teens are killed every day in a car accident. The research indicates why this can be the case. Distracted driving is a prominent problem as teens tend to be more easily distracted by their cellphones. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that teens are in 7 percent of fatal crashes, but they are driving in 9 percent of distracted driving accidents. AAA has conducted studies saying that the number of people who drive while distracted is underreported, so the numbers could be higher.

Is filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 possible a second time?

Pennsylvanians who are experiencing financial trouble and use bankruptcy to get back on stronger ground might run into trouble again. This does not imply that they have done something wrong or they are irresponsible. Myriad issues can arise leading to people having financial struggles and needing to consider filing for one form of bankruptcy or another to discharge debt. Just as in the initial case, job loss, medical costs and other factors can come up. A question that people will often have is whether they can file for bankruptcy a second time and when. Knowing the details of how this can be done is essential to a successful filing to again move forward free of debt.

The person who is filing for Chapter 7 a second time to discharge debt through that process or through Chapter 11 must have eight years elapsed from the previous filing. Otherwise, the court will deny the discharge. A Chapter 7 filing will also be denied if the debtor received a discharge through Chapter 12 or Chapter 13 if it had been filed within six years of the date the second case was filed.

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