Estate Planning

By creating an organized and thorough estate plan, you are leaving your loved ones with both the wealth and memories that you have acquired throughout your life. Having a well-planned will or trust allows you to be in complete control of your assets when you pass. Clearly communicating to whom and how your wealth will be distributed will give you peace of mind as you grow older with your family. And knowing who will have the power to make decisions on your behalf if something serious should ever happen is priceless.

At the Thompson Law Group, we offer our clients comprehensive estate planning legal services. We have served Western Pennsylvania for more than a decade and understand the needs of those who live in and around Pittsburgh. We will cater to your wishes and build you a plan that can minimize the government's share of your wealth and maximize what you decide to give to your beneficiaries. The Thompson Law Group has solutions for every income level, for people from all different backgrounds, at any age in their lives.

Develop a Plan for Your Family's Future

The estate planning process can be difficult. You are essentially deciding how your legacy will be passed along after you die. This makes some people and their families uncomfortable. Our goal at the Thompson Law Group is to provide you with an environment where you feel comfortable talking with us and your chosen loved ones about how your wealth and assets will be divided. The attorneys at Thompson Law Group are open and easy to talk to about these matters. They will take the time to understand exactly what you want and present to you the best solutions. The Thompson Law Group will take you through each process, step by step, so that you have full control of each and every aspect of your estate.

After meeting with you to discuss how you think you would like to proceed, we will begin the process of your estate planning. We are experienced with wills, trusts, and powers of attorney. We can you help you build a living will and discuss advance healthcare commands. We also deal in probate and estate administration, as well as probate litigation for contested wills, trusts, and estate plans.

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