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Resolving Tax Debts With Offers In Compromise

When you owe the IRS taxes that you are not able to pay, but want to make things right for your future, you may be able to negotiate what is known as an OIC, or "offer in compromise." A successful OIC can reduce your tax liability and clear your debt with the IRS, releasing you from that financial and emotional burden.

The IRS has very special guidelines for analyzing whether to accept an offer in compromise, which can make the process complicated. Also, the negotiation of an OIC requires an experienced professional to negotiate the best deal that you can possibly make. Engaging in the OIC process is a significant matter, and it demands special insight. Typically, time is of the essence because the IRS is beating on, on beating down, your door. Therefore, you want to attempt a serious OIC correctly the first time.

Thompson Law Group, P.C., is a highly well-respected Pittsburgh law firm that has extensive experience helping individuals dealing with a variety of financial difficulties, including major tax issues. Our lawyers will help you negotiate the best possible offer in compromise based upon your particular needs. We have successfully completed OICs for people throughout Western Pennsylvania region who have desperate need of reducing and eliminating their tax liabilities.

What Is An Offer In Compromise?

The IRS has several options for getting money from you. The IRS can go after your assets or garnish future wages, and tax refunds, for example. The goal of a successful offer in compromise is to convince the IRS that it is better off accepting your offer than attempting to take your assets or intercept your future income.

Resolving Tax Debt Efficiently

Offers in compromise can be complicated and difficult. This is why having Thompson Law Group, P.C., in assisting you is essential for preparing your submission and negotiating with the IRS. Our attorneys will do everything in their power to resolve your tax issues, ensure you are fairly treated by the IRS, and get you moving on with enjoying your life without the IRS lurking over your shoulder.

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