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September 2016 Archives

Leading golf equipment maker seeks bankruptcy protection

Many boomers will find it difficult to believe that the venerable game of golf is falling into disfavor in North America, including in Pennsylvania and states with similar demographics. Apparently, millennials have not become interested in the game due to its slowness and time-consuming characteristics. The rise and fall of Tiger Woods also seems to have brought a general disinterest in the sport after Wood's rather ignominious fall from grace and his inability to continue to attract hordes of new fans and players as he once did. Those market factors have led to business failures and bankruptcy filings.

Consumer with student loan debt may benefit from bankruptcy

Student loan debt is at a record $1.35 trillion, and the situation may pose ominous threats to domestic economic stability. It is therefore puzzling to some why the United States Congress went to such lengths in 2005 to make it so much harder for consumers to discharge that category of debt in a bankruptcy proceeding. Nonetheless, the current status of student loan debt regarding bankruptcy in Pennsylvania and nationwide remains uncertain and difficult, but with indications of more flexibility ahead.

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