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December 2016 Archives

How do I maintain my business's operations while in debt?

Debt can be a very difficult hurdle for a Warrendale business to overcome. Though not all debts are necessarily fatal to businesses and corporations, too much debt can signify a problem with a business's operations. The failure of an entity to earn more than it spends can lead to the failure of the business and the closing of its doors.

Life events often signal a good time to revise one's estate plan

The birth of a child can throw even the most organized and level-headed Warrendale residents into a complete tailspin. From the overwhelming amounts of love and stress that accompany the arrival of a new baby, planning for one's demise can seem like a morbid and even inappropriate thing to do. However, when a new family member joins a person's life it can be imperative that the individual revises his estate plan to ensure that the new addition is property accounted for when the planner passes.

7 mortgage modification scam warning signs

You worked hard to buy a home for your wife and children, but now things have gotten hard financially. You haven't been able to keep up with the payments. Suddenly, you are facing foreclosure. Mortgage modification might be one of the options that you have to keep your home. But be sure that you don't fall victim to a scammer trying to prey on your desperation to keep your home.

How does an estate plan help me provide for my loved ones?

It is astounding just how many possessions and assets an individual may amass over the course of his lifetime. Even a relatively young Warrendale resident may find himself the owner of a home and a car, some bank accounts and a retirement plan, life insurance, securities, and other items of value that may or may not take up physical space in his residence. If he is married and has children he may wonder just what will happen to those items and assets in the event that he passes away.

Steps to take if you are injured in a car accident

In a matter of seconds, a car accident can change the course of a person's life. Even if it only results in damages to one's car, the stress of experiencing such a violent occurrence can leave a person reeling. If readers of this Warrendale legal blog have wondered what they should do if they experience loss or are injured in a car accident, this post is intended to provide them with some information on where to start.

Chapter 11 is a bankruptcy option for debtor businesses

There are a lot of scams circulating online and in the news about organizations that can quickly help consumers and businesses completely eliminate their outstanding debts. Perhaps some Warrendale readers of this Pennsylvania bankruptcy and debt relief legal blog have fallen victim to these effective sales pitches and impressive promises. Unfortunately for those who have, all that often results from dealing with these entities is more financial hardship.

Estate planning devices are critical to protecting assets

Death, though inevitable, is a scary prospect for most Warrendale residents. Many people mourn the fact that they cannot do everything that they want to do in any given day, let alone think about the time when their lives will come to absolute ends. However, despite their good thoughts and attempts to distract themselves, all individuals will someday have to face their own mortality.

Dealing with a lawsuit over an outstanding debt

Falling into debt can be a scary and overwhelming experience. Many Pennsylvanians who carry debt understand the worry and frustration that come with not being able to achieve financial freedom on their own. In some cases, when debtors are unable to make their loan payments, they may even face lawsuits initiated by their creditors for the recovery of the owed sums.

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