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January 2017 Archives

Bankruptcy is a tool for dealing with debt problems

Dealing with debt problems can be isolating. It can be a heavy burden for a Warrendale resident to carry, especially when his debt issues prevent him from caring for his loved ones and moving his life forward. Debt comes in all shapes and forms, but often individuals find themselves facing financial struggles when they incur heavy medical bills, unmanageable mortgage payments and significant credit card debt.

Annual gifts can reduce estate tax liabilities

Warrendale residents often hope that they will be able to leave their loved ones something when they pass away. A carefully crafted estate plan can help achieve that goal, and attorneys in the area can help interested readers accomplish their estate planning needs. However, in some cases an individual may find that his estate has grown to a significant sum. When an individual passes away with many assets his estate may be subject to significant taxes.

Financial struggles in retirement? Try a mortgage modification

As a retiree, you hope to get your finances in order so that you can enjoy the rest of your life. Now that you aren't working on a full-time basis, you hope to spend time on the things that make you happy.

Are personal assets part of a business bankruptcy proceeding?

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a useful legal tool for Warrendale businesses that need to reorganize their operations in order to become profitable. Unlike Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings that require businesses to sell off their assets and generally end with the businesses closing their doors, Chapter 11 proceedings can prevent businesses from closing down.

Estate planning mistakes made by high profile celebrities

It may seem as though celebrities have so many people available to help them that there is no way they could possibly make mistakes when it comes to something as important as estate planning. However, as highlighted by a string of celebrity deaths over the last decade, major estate planning mistakes do happen in the lives and deaths of the rich and famous. This post will look at a few of the high profile stories that should offer Warrendale residents a cautionary tale on how to approach and work with their estate plans.

Vehicle collisions with bicyclists can be deadly

The cold weather of winter may be keeping many Warrendale residents from imagining that they are outdoors and on a bike ride. However, spring will be here in a matter of months and before long local vehicles will have to share the roads with smaller, two-wheeled modes of transportation. When bikes and cars are on the road at the same time, very dangerous and sometimes deadly accidents can happen when drivers fail to responsibly operate their vehicles.

What are the requirements for filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

It is a brand new year and probably one of the farthest things from Warrendale residents' minds is how to file for personal bankruptcy. It can be hard for an individual to admit that he has fallen on difficult financial times and even more difficult for him to find the courage to take the step toward righting those wrongs through bankruptcy. Though it may not meet the needs of all financially-strapped individuals, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be a useful tool for those who qualify for its protections.

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