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February 2017 Archives

Under what circumstances can a court deny a discharge of debts?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a legal tool that Pennsylvanians may use to eliminate their outstanding and unmanageable debts. Though it requires a filing party to sell off or liquidate much of their wealth in order to pay off their creditors, there are exemptions that the filer may utilize to protect some of their most important property.

3 things to know about a special needs child and your estate plan

Having a child with special needs presents you with a host of challenges. One thing that you probably think about a lot is what is going to happen to your child when you pass away. It is imperative that you take steps now to protect your child when the inevitable occurs. There is a fine balance that you have to meet regarding taking care of your child and ensuring that you don't take away inadvertently the benefits he or she counts on.

Why parents should appoint a guardian for their child

No parent wants to anticipate passing away before their children are grown and capable to take care of themselves. However, it is an unfortunate reality that some individuals, whether due to illness or accidents, will die before their kids reach the age of majority. In situations such as this it is extremely important that a Warrendale parent has established a solid plan to appoint a guardian for their child.

Negligence may serve as a basis for a car accident lawsuit

Most personal injury claims are based on the legal theory of negligence. If the injured party can show that his or her damages were caused by the other party's negligence, then the injured party can generally seek compensation for those damages. In common parlance, negligence is a synonym for carelessness, but its legal meaning is more specific.

A loan modification may help save your home

When a Warrendale resident agrees to the terms of a mortgage contract he effectively states that he will make his payments toward that mortgage in full and on time. Many lending documents like those that cover mortgages include terms regarding what actions the lenders may take if the mortgage payers fail to follow the agreements' provisions. In many situations a mortgage lender may initiate foreclosure proceedings if a payer falls behind or otherwise stops paying toward his financial obligation.

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