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Hurt at the local pool? Here’s what you should do now

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2017 | Blog

The summer is here, and that means plenty of people head out to the local public pool. While most pools are safe and many will offer a fun place to cool off without any negative events, some are not maintained correctly or don’t offer the services necessary to keep people safe.

Most pools have lifeguards, for example, but those that don’t need to provide a notice saying such, so you know to pay attention to the people you’re with. Failing to let someone know about the lack of a lifeguard, having dangerous chlorine levels and other safety hazards can result in a serious injury or death.

So, what should you do if you’re hurt at the local pool?

The first step is to get medical help. Your life is more important than placing blame, so have someone call 911 or drive you to the emergency room. Once you’re in stable condition, you can begin focusing on other aspects of your case.

After you are stable, you should report your injury to the owner of the pool. Even if he or she is aware, it’s a good idea to get the report down in writing. This is something you might want to present to your attorney in the future. Keep all your medical documents and the report of your injuries together.

Finally, once you have an idea of how much your injuries will end up costing you or have a prognosis for your injuries, you can file a claim against the owner of the pool. If there was negligence or if you can show the pool was not maintained properly, then you may be able to receive compensation that will cover your injuries. Most cases are settled out of court, so you may receive a settlement offer fairly soon to resolve your case.