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November 2017 Archives

Holiday travel raises risk of being injured in a car accident

With the holiday season, Pennsylvania drivers will be doing a great deal of traveling. Since many people will be traveling by vehicle, this will inevitably raise the volume of vehicles on the road. Statistically, there will be close to 51 million people who travel a minimum of 50 miles for Thanksgiving alone. This is a rise of 3.3 percent from one year ago. In Pennsylvania, there will be a rise of 3.8 percent - 1.5 million people - who are traveling compared with one year ago. This might be associated with seeing family and friends for the holidays, but it is also linked to a rise in the number of car accidents that happen. These can lead to injuries and fatalities and should be thought about when going out on the road.

Legal help when upside down on your home

Warrendale residents who have a mortgage and find themselves struggling with their finances will inevitably start to think about the status of their home. While home ownership is something that a large portion of society strives for, having a mortgage is a major investment. People who run into financial trouble through job loss, medical issues or simply falling behind must consider how they can retain their home. A mortgage loan modification might sound like something that is difficult to attain, but it is a feasible alternative to get back on stronger financial ground and keep your home.

Chapter 12 bankruptcy: For family farmers and fisherman

Are you a struggling family farmer or fisherman? Chapter 12 is a special kind of bankruptcy designed just for you. This bankruptcy category helps family farmers and family fisherman who have regular and steady incomes reorganize their debts so they can pay them off -- or pay at least part of them off.

Drowsy driving and Daylight Saving Time thought to be linked

The concept of "spring forward, fall back" is familiar to Pennsylvanians. Moving the clocks back an hour in autumn happens every year and a great many people look forward to it as they will get an extra hour of sleep. However, there are dangers associated with it that people do not often consider. Researchers from AAA Mid-Atlantic and the Mid-Atlantic Foundation for Safety and Education say that there are various factors that can result in a more dangerous landscape when on the road. People who are in a car crash should be cognizant of this.

What is an avoidable transfer in Chapter 11 bankruptcy?

Chapter 11 is a strategy that Pennsylvania debtors might try to use when they are seeking debt reorganization. It is beneficial for business owners who would like to keep the business going, but want to keep the financial issues of the business separate from the personal finances of the owners and shield shareholders. There are various aspects to a Chapter 11 that a debtor should understand before moving forward with the process.

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