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Slipping fears: 4 steps to prevent falls this winter

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2017 | Blog

Slipping is a major problem in places where ice and snow are common. Despite the fact that businesses and individuals know snow and ice is likely, they don’t always take the steps necessary to prevent injuries.

When it’s cold and rough outside, there are steps you can take to prevent falls, even if others don’t do their due diligence. Here are a few tips that could help you stay safe this winter.

  • Walk slowly

You never know when a business hasn’t cleared up black ice or slick surfaces. Don’t let them take you by surprise. Always walk slowly and be prepared to avoid areas that look wet or slick. If you do have to cross, it’s a good idea to step slowly to see if the area is slick or has enough friction to pass safely.

  • Keep your hands free

If you do hit a slippery patch, you want to be able to stabilize yourself. Having your hands free could help with this. If you have to carry bags inside a business or want to make a return, consider pulling up to the front door instead of walking from the parking lot. Use a backpack for smaller items, so you are balanced and your hands are freed up. 

  • Wear appropriate attire

You may be less likely to suffer a slip and fall if you’re wearing shoes with nonslip soles. Keep in mind the conditions when you plan to go out for the day. While heels or wedge boots might look cute, it may be better to carry them with you and switch into your other shoes once you enter the business or home you’re traveling to.

With these tips, you may be able to reduce the chances of an accident even if others don’t take your safety into account.