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Posts tagged "Chapter 11 Bankruptcy"

Is my Chapter 11 bankruptcy a small business case?

There are certain terms and parts of a Chapter 11 filing that might be difficult to understand. An important part of a Chapter 11 case is the determination of how the business should be classified and if it is a small business and a small business debtor.

What is an avoidable transfer in Chapter 11 bankruptcy?

Chapter 11 is a strategy that Pennsylvania debtors might try to use when they are seeking debt reorganization. It is beneficial for business owners who would like to keep the business going, but want to keep the financial issues of the business separate from the personal finances of the owners and shield shareholders. There are various aspects to a Chapter 11 that a debtor should understand before moving forward with the process.

What is the automatic stay in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy?

Debtors in Warrendale, and throughout Pennsylvania, will have their own reasons for filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy. One that is frequently cited is to stop the debt collection attempts. These can be notoriously aggressive and cause fear and consternation in the debtor. When filing for Chapter 11, one of the benefits is the automatic stay. Understanding what this is and how it is beneficial is important to most cases.

Can a Chapter 11 be converted to a Chapter 7?

Pennsylvanians who are experiencing financial problems and are considering Chapter 11 bankruptcy to maintain business operations while a debt reorganization is taking place should understand the various aspects of the process. In some instances, the debtor would like to convert the Chapter 11 filing into a Chapter 7 filing. They might even want to dismiss the case entirely. These are allowable, but there are certain circumstances under which it cannot be done. Having a full grasp of the entire process is vital to a case.

How employees are impacted by a Chapter 11 bankruptcy

When companies in Pennsylvania and elsewhere are dealing with business debt, the process often overwhelms business owners. While this is a natural response to an often serious and major business move, it is important to note that it does not only impact those in charge. Filing for bankruptcy could impact each and every individual working at the company. Thus, it is important that everyone is informed of their rights and how the process could affect them.

How can Chapter 11 bankruptcy help businesses overcome debt?

Dealing with debt is never a pleasant experience. This is true on both a personal and business level. For business owners in Pennsylvania, dealing with business debt could risk the longevity of the company. Therefore, it is important to understand what debt relief options are available. This can help business owners weigh in on whether filing for bankruptcy is their best option for the present and future status of the company.

Are personal assets part of a business bankruptcy proceeding?

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a useful legal tool for Warrendale businesses that need to reorganize their operations in order to become profitable. Unlike Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings that require businesses to sell off their assets and generally end with the businesses closing their doors, Chapter 11 proceedings can prevent businesses from closing down.

How do I maintain my business's operations while in debt?

Debt can be a very difficult hurdle for a Warrendale business to overcome. Though not all debts are necessarily fatal to businesses and corporations, too much debt can signify a problem with a business's operations. The failure of an entity to earn more than it spends can lead to the failure of the business and the closing of its doors.

Chapter 11 is a bankruptcy option for debtor businesses

There are a lot of scams circulating online and in the news about organizations that can quickly help consumers and businesses completely eliminate their outstanding debts. Perhaps some Warrendale readers of this Pennsylvania bankruptcy and debt relief legal blog have fallen victim to these effective sales pitches and impressive promises. Unfortunately for those who have, all that often results from dealing with these entities is more financial hardship.

You can restructure business debts through Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Not every business that files for bankruptcy is prepared to close its doors. In fact, many Pennsylvania businesses wish to continue their operations despite their financial hardships. When a business is prepared to put in the work and create a plan that will lead to its profitability, that business may find financial success through Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

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