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I'm the executor of my mother's estate: What should I do?

If you've been named the executor of your mother's estate, then you've been charged with the important responsibility of managing her assets and finalizing outstanding details pertaining to the estate. This might involve guiding the estate through the probate process.

3 things to know about a special needs child and your estate plan

Having a child with special needs presents you with a host of challenges. One thing that you probably think about a lot is what is going to happen to your child when you pass away. It is imperative that you take steps now to protect your child when the inevitable occurs. There is a fine balance that you have to meet regarding taking care of your child and ensuring that you don't take away inadvertently the benefits he or she counts on.

Why parents should appoint a guardian for their child

No parent wants to anticipate passing away before their children are grown and capable to take care of themselves. However, it is an unfortunate reality that some individuals, whether due to illness or accidents, will die before their kids reach the age of majority. In situations such as this it is extremely important that a Warrendale parent has established a solid plan to appoint a guardian for their child.

Annual gifts can reduce estate tax liabilities

Warrendale residents often hope that they will be able to leave their loved ones something when they pass away. A carefully crafted estate plan can help achieve that goal, and attorneys in the area can help interested readers accomplish their estate planning needs. However, in some cases an individual may find that his estate has grown to a significant sum. When an individual passes away with many assets his estate may be subject to significant taxes.

Financial struggles in retirement? Try a mortgage modification

As a retiree, you hope to get your finances in order so that you can enjoy the rest of your life. Now that you aren't working on a full-time basis, you hope to spend time on the things that make you happy.

Estate planning mistakes made by high profile celebrities

It may seem as though celebrities have so many people available to help them that there is no way they could possibly make mistakes when it comes to something as important as estate planning. However, as highlighted by a string of celebrity deaths over the last decade, major estate planning mistakes do happen in the lives and deaths of the rich and famous. This post will look at a few of the high profile stories that should offer Warrendale residents a cautionary tale on how to approach and work with their estate plans.

Life events often signal a good time to revise one's estate plan

The birth of a child can throw even the most organized and level-headed Warrendale residents into a complete tailspin. From the overwhelming amounts of love and stress that accompany the arrival of a new baby, planning for one's demise can seem like a morbid and even inappropriate thing to do. However, when a new family member joins a person's life it can be imperative that the individual revises his estate plan to ensure that the new addition is property accounted for when the planner passes.

How does an estate plan help me provide for my loved ones?

It is astounding just how many possessions and assets an individual may amass over the course of his lifetime. Even a relatively young Warrendale resident may find himself the owner of a home and a car, some bank accounts and a retirement plan, life insurance, securities, and other items of value that may or may not take up physical space in his residence. If he is married and has children he may wonder just what will happen to those items and assets in the event that he passes away.

Estate planning devices are critical to protecting assets

Death, though inevitable, is a scary prospect for most Warrendale residents. Many people mourn the fact that they cannot do everything that they want to do in any given day, let alone think about the time when their lives will come to absolute ends. However, despite their good thoughts and attempts to distract themselves, all individuals will someday have to face their own mortality.

Avoid lengthy probate process with an estate plan

It can be difficult for Pennsylvanians to get past the challenges that present themselves each and every day. Just getting through the workday, spending time with family and taking care of home projects can be enough to fill the hours that pass during any given week. However, simply living from day to day without much planning for the future can be a costly mistake when it comes to managing one's end of life estate.

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