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Pedestrian suffers critical injuries when hit by car on sidewalk

Pedestrians in Pittsburgh will know that they need to be vigilant. Given the number of ways in which drivers are distracted nowadays, the simple act of crossing the street can be a dangerous act, even if pedestrians are adhering to all the basic safety rules. However, what they will not expect is to be hit by a car when they are on the sidewalk. This can happen suddenly and the injuries can lead to significant medical bills and lost wages, among other financial impacts. A lawsuit is often the only strategy to receive adequate compensation for what they have lost.

According to a recent reports, a 56-year-old woman was injured when she was hit by a vehicle while on the sidewalk. The accident happened in the morning at around 8 a.m. The accident occurred near an intersection. She was hit and then the vehicle that hit her was hit by a second vehicle. She was rushed to the hospital and said to be in critical condition. The driver of the vehicle that hit her, a gray SUV, said she was trying to avoid a crash and went onto the sidewalk.

Half of teens ride with distracted drivers and other key facts

You're a parent. You worry about your kids when they're not home. You still think of them, in some ways, as the little toddlers you had to follow around the house. They may be teens now, but your desire to protect them is the same.

That's why it is important to know about the risks that teenagers face every day. One of the biggest is simply getting in the car with other teens. Car accidents take lives each day and cause many serious injuries. One of the main reasons is distracted driving.

Important legal points about a will in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania residents should understand the importance of estate planning. This is true regardless of their financial circumstances. Estate planning should be done whether it is someone who needs substantial asset protection or who simply wants to ensure their possessions go to the family members or heirs they prefer. One aspect of estate planning that might seem simple, but can be complex, is the formulation of a will. There are certain requirements under the law as to the will and its construction.

The will must be in writing and signed by the person creating it - the testator - at the end of the document. When words are written after the signature, it will not make the will invalid for what was written before the signature. This can be before or after it was executed. When the person who creates the will cannot sign it, he or she can make a mark with the name subscribed before or after the mark. This will make it valid just as if the name was signed, as long as it was done with two witnesses who will sign their names in the person's presence.

Six students injured when car hits pedestrians

Drivers are expected to pay close attention to the road. Rush hour in the morning and evening, and after school, are dangerous for pedestrians because there are so many people walking the streets. When there is a pedestrian-auto accident, the pedestrians' lack of protection can cause long-term injuries and even death.

According to a recent report, six students who were had just left school were hit by a car. The accident happened shortly before 3 p.m. when a Chrysler sedan driven by a teen girl hit them. A male was riding in the vehicle at the time. The driver and passenger fled the scene after the crash, but later went back. None of the injuries are said to be life-threatening, but some of them are serious. The driver and the students who were hit all attend the same school. A witness to the accident said that the driver did not seem to know how to drive. The vehicle was taken as part of the investigation and it is being checked to ensure that it is mechanically sound. The driver is also being questioned and the investigation is ongoing.

Commercial truck accident statistics

Pennsylvania residents are understandably mindful when they are sharing the road with a commercial truck. These vehicles are integral to the economy, deliver goods and services and provide jobs. However, when they are on the road, the fear of being in an accident with one is very real. Since they are so large, travel great distances and are operated at such high speed, an accident with a commercial vehicle can cause injuries and fatalities. People who are hurt or lose a loved one in a commercial vehicle accident should know the steps they must take to attempt to receive compensation in a lawsuit.

Recently revealed statistics indicate that there was a reduction in all categories of road fatalities, except for large trucks. The numbers come from analysis by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In its research, the NHTSA found that there were 673 fewer fatalities in highway crashes in 2017 when compared to 2016. However, with large trucks, there was a 9 percent rise in that same timeframe. "Large trucks" are defined as vehicles that surpass 10,000 pounds.

Students checked for injuries after school bus rollover

When parents in Pittsburgh allow their children to ride a school bus, they are putting an inordinate amount of trust in others. While most school buses are driven safely and with vigilance and the bus company makes sure that the drivers are qualified and cautious, there can still be accidents. A bus accident can be even more dangerous than a conventional motor vehicle accident. With children involved, it can turn into an incident with injuries and fatalities. Some of these accidents do not involve other vehicles, but stem from the bus running off the road.

According to a recent report, a bus accident sent many children onboard to the hospital for treatment. The accident happened in the afternoon at approximately 3 p.m. According to the school district, there were 40 children on the bus and all were checked after the crash. The investigation by Pennsylvania Department of Transportation says that the bus hit a cushion at the end of a barrier and then crashed into a guardrail. It then rolled down the hill on the side of the road and overturned. 22 of the students went to the hospital via another bus. 12 went straight home after their parents picked them up. Six were taken via ambulance. The children were all released from the hospital.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy and loan modification work well together

The protections of personal bankruptcy may not do much to help if you still can't quite afford your mortgage. Many people turn to bankruptcy at times when they worry about their ability to continue meeting financial obligations.

Falling behind on credit card payments or other unsecured debt can lead some people to consider bankruptcy. For other people, concerns about an inability to continue paying their mortgage may be the driving factor behind a potential bankruptcy filing. However, bankruptcy does not result in the forgiveness or discharge of your mortgage.

What should I know about credit counseling with Chapter 7?

When a debtor in Pennsylvania is experiencing financial hardship and takes the wise step in consider Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it is not uncommon for there to be certain aspects of the process that are concerning or outright intimidating. It is not a simple matter of filing for Chapter 7 and having the case over and done with immediately. There are key steps that must be taken to ensure that the case is done correctly and mistakes do not prevent the chance to discharge debt and move on. A key aspect of Chapter 7 is the pre-and-post counseling requirements.

Most Chapter 7 cases require the debtor to have credit counseling within 180 days prior to filing. The debtor will also be required to take a course in debt management prior to the discharge of debt. The goal in these courses is to make certain that the debtor has examined every other possible option to bankruptcy and the person learns strategies to avoid the same issues that led to the need to file for Chapter 7. The U.S. government must grant approval to the provider of the counseling services for it to be valid.

Woman suffers injuries after crash with unlicensed, on-duty cop

No one is immune to being involved in a car accident in Pittsburgh, including first responders and people whose job it is to help those who have been in a crash. When a person is in a car accident with a law enforcement officer, there might be a belief that it is the civilian's responsibility. However, even law enforcement officers make mistakes behind the wheel. The investigation into the accident is key if there are injuries and it is particularly important for a person who was hurt in an accident with a police vehicle.

According to a recent report, a 29-year-old police officer rear-ended another vehicle while on-duty in his patrol car. After the accident, it was discovered that the officer was driving while his driver's license was expired. The female driver of the vehicle he rear-ended was taken to the hospital for treatment. She had pain in the back and neck. The officer found himself facing charges related to having the accident without a valid driver's license. It was not initially noted that he was on-duty at the time of the accident, but once the charges were filed, it was clarified that he was. The officer has been on the job for more than three years.

What should I know about a Chapter 13 bankruptcy discharge?

For debtors in Pennsylvania who want to restructure debt and keep a home or a motor vehicle, Chapter 13 bankruptcy might be a worthwhile option. Before taking that step, however, there are important points to keep in mind. The discharge itself is a key factor in a successful filing and understanding how the process works is fundamental to a case. Having legal assistance from the start can help a debtor determine if Chapter 13 is the best choice and with moving forward with a case.

The debtor will be eligible for a discharge under Chapter 13 when the payments have been completed. The debtor must do the following: if it is applicable, all domestic support payments that were due before the certification have been made; there could not have been a prior discharge within two years for a Chapter 13 and within four years for other bankruptcy chapters; and the debtor must have taken and completed a financial management course that is approved by the court.

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