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Drowsy driving a factor in many car accidents

Drivers know the signs of a driver who is under the influence or is distracted. What might come as a surprise to many is that drowsy driving carries many of the same hallmarks of DUI and distracted driving. It also has the same dangers of a car crash with the accompanying medical bills, lost wages and other problems from an accident. Research is now indicating that the problem of drowsy driving is far more prevalent than the federal government statistics showed.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety issued a report that drew troublesome conclusions as to the dangers of drowsy driving. Using cameras in vehicles, AAA watched drivers' behaviors. By doing this, it found that the statistics are eight times higher than what they were thought to be. Drowsy driving is believed to account for an estimated 10 percent of all accidents.

What are the advantages of Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

As you compare Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you'll come to find that there are pros and cons associated with each one.

While you need to learn more about both options, many people start out considering Chapter 7. Here's why: It provides the opportunity to discharge most of your debt.

Man injured after other driver allegedly ignores stop sign

People who suffer injuries after a car crash in Pennsylvania will face problems even if their lives are not in immediate danger in the aftermath. There can be hospitalizations, hefty medical bills, lost wages and more. These accidents can happen to anyone at any time. It is imperative for those who have been injured in a car accident to understand their rights to seek compensation for their losses with the help of an attorney experienced in car accidents.

A man who works as a local prosecutor was injured in a two-vehicle car crash. The man, 44, was driving at shortly after 6 p.m. He was heading south when another vehicle, an SUV, tried to go east to west and crashed into the man's car. It hit the left front near the tire. The man's vehicle ran onto the grass of a residence. The airbags deployed and the drivers were wearing their seatbelts.

Chapter 13 and the requirements to make it work

When a Warrendale debtor decides to take the steps necessary to get back on stronger financial ground and would like to ensure that he or she can keep certain possessions like a home or an automobile, they will choose Chapter 13 bankruptcy. While this is a wise step, it is also important to understand the various requirements and obligations the debtor will need to fulfill to make the plan successful. Failure to do so can sabotage the plan and prevent its completion.

The debtor must provide information to the court about income, a list of creditors, property owned, and cost of living. It is also necessary to complete a credit counseling course, provide a copy of the most recent tax return, prove that taxes were filed for the previous four years, and have a repayment plan for the Chapter 13 bankruptcy. There is a filing fee and an administrative fee. These can be paid in four installments provided the final installment is paid within 120 days of the date that the case was filed. There can be an extension in which it is paid within 180 days.

The automatic stay via personal bankruptcy: How does it help?

Pennsylvanians who are in debt and do not know how they will get back on stronger financial ground are wise to consider bankruptcy. Many benefits of personal bankruptcy are relatively well-known. That includes the chance to discharge debt, restructure debt and put a stop to creditor harassment. One part of the process that should also be understood and will likely help the debtor feel better about the situation is the automatic stay. Understanding the automatic stay and how it helps is important before filing for bankruptcy.

As soon as the debtor files for bankruptcy, there will be an automatic stay protecting the debtor from being contacted by bill collectors and creditors. If there is a lawsuit that has been filed, this will also be stopped. There are numerous benefits from the automatic stay. People might be facing the prospect of their utilities being disconnected. This can happen if the person is behind on the payments. Gas, electric, water - all can be shut off. An automatic stay will put a stop to this for a minimum of 20 days.

Customer suffers injuries when SUV crashes into restaurant

Car accidents can happen in many different circumstances, some of which are unexpected and unusual. It is in the more unusual types of crashes that people can suffer injuries and fatalities largely because they were not expecting a crash. A unique type of collision that can lead to people being injured in a car accident is when a vehicle runs into a building or an establishment. Those inside are particularly vulnerable because they are not expecting to encounter an out-of-control motor vehicle. After injuries or death in this kind of crash, it is vital to have legal advice to consider a lawsuit.

A car crashed into a Subway restaurant and injured a customer. The accident happened at around noon. According to a worker in the restaurant, the woman who was operating the vehicle - an SUV - mistakenly put her foot on the gas instead of the brake, causing the accident. The woman was in the vehicle with her husband. She was taken to the hospital for an examination. A customer was pinned to the wall in the restaurant and taken to the hospital as well. The incident is still being investigated.

Young parents may benefit from creating an estate plan

Estate planning is often associated with older people, but the truth is that people who are just starting a family could also find it very useful to take the time to create an estate plan. Even if you don't have high value assets, an estate plan could be valuable because it can create a plan for your children.

The estate plan that you create should be considered carefully. It can be important to think about how you can protect your children and provide for them as they grow up if you were to pass away earlier than expected.

Skilled legal guidance can be a good thing to have when arranging an estate plan.

Is my Chapter 11 bankruptcy a small business case?

There are certain terms and parts of a Chapter 11 filing that might be difficult to understand. An important part of a Chapter 11 case is the determination of how the business should be classified and if it is a small business and a small business debtor.

When the U.S. trustee cannot locate creditors who will serve on the creditors' committee or the committee will not be part of the case, there is a possibility that the bankruptcy will be a small business case and have different ways in which it will be handled. If the case is a small business and it is a small business debtor, it must meet two separate criteria. It must be in a commercial or business activity in which the unsecured debts and non-contingent liquidated secured debt is $2,566,050 or less. Next, the U.S. trustee must not have appointed a creditors' committee or the court has decided that there is not sufficient activity on the part of the committee to have oversight on the debtor.

Legal help is crucial when considering filing for bankruptcy

Financial problems in for Pennsylvanian can occur for a variety of reasons in their personal and professional life. While it might seem like an act of avoiding one's responsibilities and not paying what is owed, bankruptcy is a useful strategy to get back on stronger financial ground, clear many debts, keep a home and a motor vehicle, or get a business into a better situation to move forward. Understanding which bankruptcy chapter is preferable for the individual situation, which debts can be eliminated, and how bankruptcy can be beneficial is imperative before taking the next step.

There are different types of bankruptcy. Chapter 7 is useful for those who have a great deal of unsecured debt like credit card debt and do not have possessions worth significant value. It can be used to get rid of that debt without the requirement to pay it back. This will negatively impact a credit score, but those who successfully file for Chapter 7 can rebuild their credit as time passes and they are in a better financial situation.

Publisher's estate plan shows how trusts can have stipulations

Pennsylvanians who are taking the necessary steps for comprehensive estate planning will have their own goals in mind when they do so. Situations vary and knowing how best to formulate the document is essential. This is true whether there are significant assets, a business, young children who must be cared for, loved ones who have special needs, and even pets who are of concern to the person creating the plan. Wills, trusts and other documents can be used to achieve the desired ends. Even those who have nothing in common with a famous person can use that person's strategies as a guideline to create their own plan and what is possible.

The recently deceased founder of Playboy, Hugh Hefner, had a unique set of criteria in the trust for his wife and children. Mr. Hefner was adamantly against drug and alcohol use. In his trust, he made certain that his widow and children will make certain to remain free of addiction. If they are found to be addicted, they will not receive the proceeds from the trust. Mr. Hefner had four children who are subject to this stipulation along with his widow.

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