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In personal injury and all civil litigation, the Pittsburgh lawyers of Thompson Law Group, P.C., treat each and every client with individualized care and service. From your initial call, you will understand our devotion to our clients as we answer your questions and help you understand your options. We are known for our guidance and appreciated for providing our clients with regular updates and detailed knowledge of their cases as they progress, whether those cases involve cars, trucks or business matters.

More than anything, the lawyers at Thompson Law Group, P.C., believe that regardless of how small or big your dispute is, whether that dispute is injury-related or not, you deserve the same type of customer service from your legal advocate. We believe in better service and more attention to every person in our care. In our more than a decade of experience in Western Pennsylvania, the Thompson Law Group, P.C., has built relationships throughout the judicial system that have aided us in our goal to help our clients.

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During your free preliminary consultation, we will listen to your story: how your accident happened, for instance, or what kind of contract you are seeking to enforce. We will then provide for you an initial legal assessment of your claim. We will answer any questions you have before proceeding with your case. And we will make sure that you understand the legal process as we move forward.

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In contrast to civil cases not related to an injury, it is important to remember when an injury is involved that trying to deal with insurance companies on your own may end in disaster. Too often have we spoken with people who were injured and settled with an insurance company without first consulting an attorney, only to realize months later that their settlement would not cover even a fraction of their medical bills, let alone lost wages and compensation for pain and suffering. Call the Thompson Law Group, P.C., today for a free consultation at 814-451-1125, or contact us via email by clicking here.