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Mediation, the answer to your litigation problem

The legal system can be many things to many people. To most participants, the courts are a confusing web of legal jargon, frustration, delay and expense. A divorce, a disagreement over property, an inheritance issue, a business dispute or a workplace conflict, even a personal injury case can take years to resolve and cost tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees. For many people, the hard reality of litigation appears to be the only option. However, there is another way. The use of mediation as an alternative dispute resolution process has been gaining popularity in legal circles for years and it stands now as a viable option for avoiding expensive and prolonged court battles.

Why Mediate?

Ultimately the goal of litigation is to find a solution to a problem. Mediation allows the parties to take ownership of that solution. They are no longer at the mercy of lawyers staking them to inflexible positions or judges dictating decisions. A mediator is not there to tell you what you should do, instead a good mediator will help you find a way to do what you need to do. Mediation at its most basic level gives the participants the chance to solve a problem directly and maybe begin to repair a broken or fractured relationship as part of the process. Mediation takes the long and expensive litigation process and condenses it into an efficient and solution focused dynamic that saves time and money.

What We Can Do For You At Thompson Law Group, P.C.

Attorney Brent Lemon is a certified trained mediator and with a broad legal background and 18 years of experience. He brings an understanding of complex legal issues and a career dedicated to client focused resolutions to every mediation. Contact him today to discuss the mediation process and how it may help you.