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Would A Loss Mitigation Program Help You?

The Western District of Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Court has created a unique opportunity of a Loss Mitigation Program (LMP) during a pending bankruptcy case. Here at Thompson Law Group, we can help you make the most of the LMP to maximize the options available to you to save your home and explore all of your mortgage loan options.

But what is the LMP?

The LMP is a specific program supervised by the bankruptcy court that is available to all individuals who file for bankruptcy relief in the Western District of Pennsylvania. Under this program, the lender is obligated to negotiate with you in good faith to resolve your mortgage problems.

The program offers a variety of ways in which to resolve your mortgage problems. Aside from a loan modification, the solutions can also include short sales and cash-for-keys, among others.

The LMP enables you to avoid the run-around and paper-chasing often associated with bank loan modification efforts that often seem designed more to hinder you than to help you. The Court rules require that there only be one point of contact with the bank assigned to your application to prevent you from getting the run-around. Additionally, there is a record of all communications with the bank through an online portal, so the mortgage company cannot pretend to have never received your request and supporting documents.

Working with us means you will be working with a firm with decades of experience and numerous successfully negotiated loan modification agreements. We understand how to navigate the system on your behalf while also protecting your rights, helping you avoid the technicalities and filing pitfalls that can derail bankruptcy cases.

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