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February 2016 Archives

Debt service files bankruptcy after investigations and lawsuits

Sometimes those who advertise a program to help people organize or pay off their debts must also get debt relief. That is generally what happens in Pennsylvania and nationwide when a company is exposed as not providing the consumer service that it advertises. Recently, a company called the Student Aid Center, Inc. filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The filing comes on the heels of several complaints and a lawsuit filed by an attorney general of one state.

Bankruptcy gives a fresh start from overwhelming unsecured debt

During a typical consultation with a consumer bankruptcy attorney, one central question is often whether the individual or married couple really need to file a bankruptcy or whether there is an easier, less consequential, remedy available. The answer will often be the same whether the clients reside in Pennsylvania or another state. The bottom line issue in deciding whether a bankruptcy is the best remedy under the circumstances is to determine whether the amount of debt far exceeds the ability to realistically ever pay it off.

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