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The problems of living with a traumatic brain injury

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2016 | Firm News

A traumatic brain injury is a physical event that causes serious and sometimes irreversible harm to a victim. Cranberry Township residents can suffer traumatic brain injuries in a number of ways, including but not limited to car accidents and collisions, slips and falls, participating in sports and contact activities and others. There is a wide range of symptoms that a person may experience if he has suffered a traumatic brain injury; this post will examine just a handful of those indicators.

A traumatic brain injury victim may notice issues related to his cognitive power and concentration. He may discover that after his accident it is more difficult for him to focus and that his memory is not as strong as it was before. He may find himself having difficulties completing tasks that previously posed him no challenges, and he may experience challenges understanding and communicating with others.

There are many physical manifestations of traumatic brain injuries as well. Victims of these serious injuries may have mild to debilitating headaches. They may experience problems with their vision and they may suffer from problems related to sleep. There are emotional and psychological issues related to traumatic brain injuries such as depression, frustration, and anger.

As one can imagine, living with a traumatic brain injury can be an incredibly difficult task. Getting through each day can be a challenge. Some individuals require constant help in order to function and survive.

The losses a person suffering from a traumatic brain injury experience are extensive, but when those injuries are caused by others the victims may have rights. Individuals who sustain harm from car accidents and other injury-causing events often have rights to seek compensation for the many costs they incur as they recover from their incidents.