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Multi-vehicle collision in Pennsylvania injures 8

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2017 | Firm News

Everyday, residents in Pennsylvania use their vehicles to get to and from various destinations. While automobiles are viewed as commodities, they have a significant and important role in most American’s lives. Without personal vehicles, individuals might not have a means to get around. However, without the abundance of vehicles on the road, there wouldn’t be such a high risk of accidents on the roadways.

According to recent reports, a multi-vehicle collision occurred on Route 222 in Richmond Township. Based on police reports, three vehicles were involved in the car accident that happened near Yonkers Lane around 11:05 a.m.

Authorities believe the car crash occurred when a Cadillac sedan crossed into the other lane. This resulted in the Cadillac striking a Toyota minivan. The collision of these two vehicles caused a third vehicle to hit the back of the minivan as it attempted to evade being hit.

When emergency crews arrived at the scene of the car crash, the driver of the Cadillac was trapped in the vehicle, and required rescue. He was transported to the hospital for the treatment of his injuries. The driver and six passengers were trapped in the minivan, and once free, were all transported to the hospital with injuries. The driver and passenger in the third vehicle did not suffer any injuries in the crash.

The accident is still under investigation and no citations have been issued at this time. Once completed, authorities will be able to determine the cause of the crash. Those harmed in the incident might have legal recourses.

A personal injury claim is a way for accident victims to recover losses and damages caused by a car accident. Compensation could help cover medical bills, rehabilitation, lost wages and other damages.

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