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Woman injured in a car accident in which driver fled

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2017 | Firm News

Hit-and-run accidents present many difficult issues. Since the law states that a driver who is in a crash is legally obligated to stop whether there were injuries or not, a crash quickly turns into an investigation with an arrest likely when the person who fled is found. For those who were injured in a car accident, legal assistance is essential regardless of the circumstances, but particularly so when it is a hit-and-run.

A 20-year-old woman was hurt when she was hit by a pickup truck as she crossed the street. The accident happened at around 7 p.m. and the driver of the pickup fled the scene. She was taken to the hospital and said to be stable. As law enforcement sought the driver, they were informed that it was a white male with a beard driving a red pickup. He was said to have exited the vehicle after the crash, looked at the victim, then gotten back into the vehicle and departed the scene. The next morning, a 34-year-old man came forward and admitted he was the driver. He is expected to be charged with causing an accident with death or personal injury, reckless driving, and not notifying police after an accident.

A car accident can have a profound effect on a person’s life. There can be substantial medical bills, major injuries, missed time at work and a litany of life changes. This is made worse when the victim is a pedestrian and the driver chooses to flee the scene. When the injured person and his or her family are dealing with the aftermath of a crash, the priority is to get well. However, other issues will rapidly come to the forefront including the bills, long-term care and more. Insurance companies are often sympathetic, but will simultaneously do whatever they can to keep the costs in line. Accepting a settlement is generally a mistake because it is not immediately known how much the accident will cost. This is when it is wise to speak to a lawyer.

In this accident, a man in a pickup hit a pedestrian and fled. The woman who was hit was hurt and hospitalized. Although the driver eventually turned himself in, that does not eliminate his responsibility. The woman and her family must be aware of their rights and needs as she recovers. Speaking to a lawyer about a lawsuit is vital to move forward.

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