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Legal help when upside down on your home

Cranberry Township residents who have a mortgage and find themselves struggling with their finances will inevitably start to think about the status of their home. While home ownership is something that a large portion of society strives for, having a mortgage is a major investment. People who run into financial trouble through job loss, medical issues or simply falling behind must consider how they can retain their home. A mortgage loan modification might sound like something that is difficult to attain, but it is a feasible alternative to get back on stronger financial ground and keep your home.

A mortgage loan modification is done when the lender modifies the loan so the person can keep the property and prevent foreclosure. For people who are experiencing financial issues, this is a wise step to take. The basic idea of a mortgage loan modification is to help the owner. If the modification will reduce the interest rate that the owner was previously paying on the mortgage, it can help to pay off mortgage quicker. For those who have fallen behind on their mortgage, the modification can take the amount that the owner was behind – arrearages – and add it to the end of the balance.

Some owners benefit from the duration of the mortgage being extended. If it is for 20 years and is changed to 30 years, then this could reduce the payments and help the person get back on track. Those who are “upside down” on the property can be helped by a lowering of the principal. The mortgage loan modification can accomplish this and be useful now and in the future. For those who are thinking about a mortgage loan modification, having a detailed list of the expenses and income is imperative. Also, the person’s taxes, pay stubs, bank information and legal records of the property will be vital.

Those who are fearful as to what will happen to them and their home because of financial struggles, losing a job or other issues should know that a mortgage loan modification is a time-proven strategy that has helped many people. When upside down on your home or facing any other issue with the mortgage, a legal professional experienced in mortgage loan modification and other tactics to get into a better financial position can be of assistance.