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Survey: Technology failing to reduce distracted driving

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2018 | Firm News

Pennsylvanians are keenly aware that distracted driving is causing scores of accidents with severe injuries and wrongful death. Car companies and manufacturers of devices such as smartphones that are causing the distraction are trying to find ways to make the roads safer. However, this technology is rapidly being found to have little effect on safety. People who have been in a crash because of distracted driving or have lost a loved one should be cognizant of the research centered on this problem.

The insurance company Esurance conducted a survey about distracted driving and technology to improve safety. It found that this technology is not helping to make the roads safer. In fact, it might even be making the roads more dangerous. The survey showed that drivers know that using their phones and other devices is a distraction and they do it regardless of that knowledge. In the survey, 58 percent stated that they drive while distracted to a certain extent. Many admit to texting and using GPS while driving.

The company says that drivers are having trouble resisting the urge to use this technology. It is possibly giving drivers a false sense of security that they can multitask. Car companies are adding various features to vehicles to allow for automatic driving. Hazards are recognized by the vehicle and it will avoid them prior to the driver doing so. Around half the drivers in the survey see this as a positive. An estimated 10 percent say that it is not.

Twenty-five percent of drivers who purchased a new vehicle with these features had disabled at least one. It was also found that drivers who had the newest technology in their vehicles were distracted to a slightly higher degree than drivers who did not have it. Around one-third said warning sounds were distracting in and of themselves. As car companies move toward autonomous vehicles, the survey shows that drivers are ambivalent about this development. 17 percent said they would surrender control of the vehicle to focus on other activities while driving.

Those who have lost a loved one in a crash or suffered motor vehicle accident injuries themselves must make certain to have help with the investigation to see how and why it happened so they can consider a lawsuit to cover medical bills and other expenses. A lawyer is essential to a case.

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