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Pedestrian injuries more common in certain areas of Pittsburgh

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2018 | Firm News

Motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians are and will continue to be a problem in Pittsburgh, throughout Pennsylvania and across the nation. There are many potential reasons for this, including speeding, driver negligence, drunk driving, distracted driving and much more. What is often understated when considering the cause of these accidents is the location at which the accidents occur.

A recent study has examined the problem of pedestrian accidents in a context that includes the number that happen, as well as where they most frequently occur. Although there has been a reduction of pedestrian wrongful death incidents, there is still an issue with pedestrians being hit by vehicles. The research centered around Allegheny County accidents involving pedestrians between 2013 and 2017. Various intersections where there are a high number of accidents were named. During that timeframe, the number of accidents in each area ranged from seven to nine.

Anecdotal evidence from people who spend time in these areas indicates why they are so dangerous. One person stated that there is a prevalence of people rushing, sirens and honking of horns. Drivers operate their vehicles recklessly and ignore pedestrians who, by law, are granted the right of way. Distracted driving is a known issue, as many are seen looking down while driving rather than looking at the road. In another of the noted areas, drivers are said to operate their vehicles aggressively as they try to beat red lights. Drivers “blocking the box” by stopping in the intersection is also common. Rush hour is a risky time to be a pedestrian, as many drivers are trying to get home as quickly as they can.

Pittsburgh residents who are injured in a pedestrian-auto accident, or those who have lost a loved one in such a crash, should remember the various issues that will come up in the aftermath. Medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering and more are all aspects of these accidents that can cause major problems in a person’s life. The investigation into the accident is key, as is understanding the steps to take to file a lawsuit. A law firm that is experienced in helping people who were injured and who are dealing with high medical bills, the inability to work and the loss of a loved one may be able to provide more information.