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Rear-end bus accidents sends ballet students to hospital

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2018 | Firm News

School buses are a common sight in Pittsburgh no matter the time of year. During school, these buses transport kids back and forth to school and to other locations. In the summer, there are children traveling to activities as a group, sports teams are going to games, and clubs and classes are commonplace. Given the number of these vehicles on the road, accidents are all-but inevitable. In these accidents, children and others on the bus can suffer debilitating injuries that cause them problems in the short and long-term. It can even lead to a loss of life. After such an accident, understanding what the future holds can be difficult and it is wise to discuss the matter with a legal professional.

A crash between two buses resulted in 30 ballet students being taken to the hospital. The buses were carrying students from across the U.S. The accident happened at an intersection. The victims were in their teens and early-20s. One of the riders said that the bus in front of theirs stopped suddenly and was rear-ended. Three buses carried students for a ballet class at Chatham University. One girl said that half the riders were taken for treatment. According to her, those in the back of the bus that was hit were “pretty hurt.” The injuries were said to be minor. The investigation is ongoing.

When parents send their children out on a bus, they are expecting them to be taken to their destination and returned home safely. Unfortunately, accidents and injuries can happen at any time and it is imperative to be prepared for the future after it has happened. Whether the injuries are deemed “minor” or are clearly major, it is critical to think about the future. Some injuries do not manifest themselves until well after the fact. For their protection physically, emotionally and financially, it is wise to consider a legal filing to be compensated.

Ballet students on their way to a course were injured in a bus accident when one of the buses rear-ended the other. 30 were taken for treatment. As the investigation continues and the students are treated and assessed, their families should ensure they are prepared by discussing a lawsuit with a law firm experienced in motor vehicle accident injuries.