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Comprehensive estate planning needs legal assistance

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2018 | Estate Planning

Residents of Cranberry Township who have concerns about how their estate will be passed along to their loved ones will want to make certain that they have a comprehensive estate plan in place. This can include many aspects, like trusts, a living will, a traditional will and more. The individual situation will dictate how best to craft the estate plan.

Whether it is a person who has a family, owns a home and has major assets; a businessperson who wants to pass the business along to family members; a person with a limited income and a modest lifestyle; someone who has collectibles or anyone else, estate planning can cover all areas. Oftentimes, people will put off the creation of an estate plan because they do not believe it is a critical issue in the moment, but this too is a mistake. Regardless of a person’s age, health or financial situation, it is always smart of have an estate plan.

One of the most common problems people will face is when they fail to account for the future. That goes beyond the estate plan and includes medical directives, do-not-resuscitate orders and how the person wants to be cared for in the event he or she is incapacitated. Planning for probate and naming an executor can also be concerns that a person will address with an estate plan.

At our law firm, who do our best to help those who are moving forward with estate planning to cover all the bases for every conceivable eventuality to pass assets to heirs and address any issue that is of concern. This is the first step toward in-depth estate planning.