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Survey shows teens are prone to distracted driving

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2018 | Car Accidents

For law enforcement officials and legislators in Pennsylvania, distracted driving is rapidly becoming one of the biggest concerns. Efforts to put a stop to it and convince drivers to put their devices down when they are behind the wheel are frequently failing to hit home. Studies are another strategy to emphasize how risky it is to be distracted behind the wheel, and one new survey says that the nation’s teens are often texting and driving. This information is not only important to try to stop the practice, but should be considered when there is a crash and a legal filing is necessary to attempt to seek compensation.

In the survey, 35 states were assessed. The survey found that almost 40 percent of teen drivers, starting from age 14, admitted to texting and driving. Those who took part stated they texted when behind the wheel at least one time in the previous month. The percentages varied based on the states. However, all of the states had at least one-quarter of the respondents admitting to texting and driving.

The age of the teen drivers was important as states with a younger age at which they could get a learner’s permit and drive legally had a propensity to have higher numbers of texting and driving. Racial demographics were also notable. White teens had a higher incidence of texting and driving than minorities. From age 15 to 16, the number of teens who texted while driving doubled. Researchers believe it is a lack of supervision that gives the teens the freedom to text and drive. Teens who took part in riskier acts behind the wheel, such as failing to wear a seatbelt, were 21 percent more likely to text. Those who reported drinking and driving were twice as likely to text.

Sharing the road with teens who are just getting their driver’s license can be intimidating to even the most confident and competent drivers. Adding the fear that they will engage in risky and illegal behaviors makes it worse. Texting and driving can be irresistible to teens and it can cause accidents with injuries and death. This can lead to medical bills, lost wages and other problems for those involved in the crash. Pursuing compensation for motor vehicle accident injuries can help those who were in an accident with a teen who might have been behaving as a distracted driver.