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Pittsburgh high on list for motor vehicle accidents and injuries

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2018 | Car Accidents

Studies are beneficial to understand how motor vehicle accidents occur and what areas are dangerous compared to others. This information can be important when there is a motor vehicle accident and people suffer injuries and wrongful death. For people in Pittsburgh, a report from Allstate says that drivers in the city are some of the worst of all the cities ranked. For those who have been in a crash, understanding the numbers can be key when thinking about a legal filing.

The study showed that in the latest statistics, Pittsburgh was ranked 171st. It did improve by four spots from the previous year. When it came to its conclusions, there were a variety of considerations used by Allstate. One factor was the average number of years between drivers making claims. 10 is the national average. In Pittsburgh, it was just shy of every seven years. Another factor was the number of times drivers had to brake hard. In Pittsburgh, drivers did so just under 24 times per 1,000 miles. On average, across the nation, it was 19.

On the bright side, drivers have been improving in the city. The worst ranking was in 2014, when it was 187th. The high point was in 2008, when it was at 124. Suburban drivers are safer, filing a claim once every 10.1 years. For every 1,000 miles, there were 18.6 incidents where there was hard-braking. Philadelphia was worse than Pittsburgh, ranking 191st.

For people who are in a car crash, understanding that Pittsburgh is ranked low on the list for safe-driving cities can be a critical point when determining cause and seeking compensation. Driving under the influence, distracted driving, speeding, negligence, recklessness and other factors can come into play when there is a crash. Motor vehicle accident injuries can result in the need for long-term care, the inability to work and other problems that can negatively impact a person physically, emotionally and financially.