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Is it worthwhile to negotiate credit card balances down?

On Behalf of | May 21, 2020 | Credit Card Debt

Pennsylvania consumers may rely heavily on their credit cards for daily purchases, while others may use their cards for unexpected expenses, such as medical bills. As a result, many find themselves facing credit card balances that are more than they can afford to pay. Even with minimum payments, these balances can continue to grow. Some cardholders may want to try to negotiate their bill with the credit card company.

Some consumers are able to work directly with the credit card company to negotiate their balances down. It may be possible to achieve a reasonable settlement that will allow the company to get money and allow the cardholder to get rid of an overwhelming balance. Everything from the interest rate to the overall amount owed could be negotiable.

When trying to negotiate with a credit card company, a Pennsylvania cardholder will find it helpful to be upfront and honest. It will also take patience, as it is not always possible to come to a reasonable settlement agreement on the first attempt. In addition to working directly with a credit card company, a consumer may want to work with a credit counselor to further deal with overwhelming debt.

Overwhelming credit card balances maybe negotiable, but that may not be sufficient to help a consumer regain a solid financial standing. For large amounts of unsecured debt, it may be beneficial to consider filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This process can allow for the discharge of certain types of balances, laying the groundwork for a better financial future.